Knowing how sustainability matters

The survey

The betteract Sustainability Survey is a regular, independent survey on the perception of companies' commitment to sustainability.
With the help of our own survey tool and the self-developed survey system, we measure how companies whose sustainable projects, products and services are perceived by different stakeholder groups.
The advantages of participating:

1. Current data on the perception of the sustainable measures of the company 
2. More attention to sustainable commitment
3. Content for the CSR strategy and communication 

Get a clear status quo of your sustainable commitment, use the data for your CSR strategy and the insights as well as the award* in your communication.

who can participate

– Sustainably committed companies
– Sustainable projects and innovations


Multi-level query (example commitment):

› Awareness of the sustainable commitment

› Query of social engagement

› Query on ecological commitment

› Evaluation of projects/successes/USPs

› Evaluation of communication

500 people interviewed
Result: approx. 6 weeks
1,000 people surveyed
Result: about 6 weeks

Optional additional services

› Individual questions

› Expectations

› Suggestions for improvement (open feedback)

› Analysis and interpretation of the results

presentation of results


The award is given exclusively within the independent survey
awarded by the participating consumers.
Other stakeholder groups (e.g. employees) can be requested individually.
There is no award by a jury.
All companies/projects/products with an average rating of at least 3.0 out of 5.0 from at least 300 participants receive the award.
The award is given in the following categories:

Commitment – for companies
Project – for projects and innovations

**Award cannot be guaranteed.


Type of survey:      
Representative, randomized online survey
with monthly key topics & survey waves

Interviewed age group:
Internet representative, from 16 years (core target group: 16 to 35 years)

Respondents (consumer stakeholder group in Germany):
approx. 8,000 people in waves

from 04/15/2023 to 10/31/2023.
The evaluation and award will take place monthly from 04/2023.

Persons interviewed (per company):
Optional: n=500 or n=1,000

All companies/projects/products/brands with an average rating of at least 3.0 out of 5.0 points for "Rating" and "Authenticity" from 300 participants receive the award.

Germany; regional survey and evaluation possible
Switzerland, Austria on request

Youngcom GmbH, Gütersloh/Munich

The survey takes place on the agency's own survey platform All servers are in Germany. No personal data is collected from any survey participants.

Posts from participating companies

Contact: 089/3000920