frequently asked Questions

Who can take the survey?

All EU residents aged 16 and over.

What can I win by participating?

All information about the current prices can be found on the voting page. The prizes will be raffled among all participants at the end of the survey.
All winners will receive a personal email within 3 weeks of the end of the survey.

Content Responsibility

We are an independent market research company and would like to give you a voice with
As the operator of the platform, we do not evaluate the sustainable commitment of the companies ourselves.
Also, no jury or experts are consulted to determine the award-winning companies.
The aim is to determine informative data on the credibility of the sustainable commitment of companies and to communicate them transparently. The companies are responsible for the content of the profiles and information.

What happens to my personal data?

Participation in the survey is anonymous. Apart from the e-mail address, no personal data is collected. This will be saved separately for participation in the competition and deleted within 3 months after the raffle.
Exception: subscription to the newsletter.

General questions about sustainable commitment

For our annual study on the subject of "Sustainable Commitment at Companies", general questions on the subject of sustainability are included in the survey.

The survey runs on the domain is our survey tool where we host all our surveys. All information requested in the survey is recorded on German servers and processed in accordance with the current data protection guidelines. At no time do we create query data in connection with personal data, not even with the e-mail address given in the competition.

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