betteract regularly independently examines the importance of individual sectors and companies.
The topics: Social and ecological responsibility and sustainability.
Companies can participate with individual questions.

Sectors studied

+ Airlines
+ Automotive (electric)
+ Banks
+ Beauty
+ Beverage
+ Consumer Goods Corp
+ digital services
+ lottery
+ Ecommerce
+ Food
+ fashion stores
+ Fashion Brands
+Health Insurance
+ Hotels
+ Insurance
+ Restaurants & take away
+ supermarkets
+ Telecommunications
+ transportation
+ Travel & Tourism

Evaluation & individual questions

Companies can participate with individual questions during the survey.

› Detailed industry ranking (by age group, region, gender)
› Comparison of the importance of your own industry
› Results of your own additional questions
› Results of your own individual questions
› Analysis and interpretation of the results including presentation


Type of survey:      
Representative, randomized online survey

Interviewed age group:
Internet representative, from 16 years (core target group: 16 to 35 years)


People interviewed (total):
approx. 5,000 people

Respondents (per category):
n=1,000 people (representative)

Germany; regional survey and evaluation possible
Switzerland and Austria 2023

Youngcom GmbH, Gütersloh/Munich

The survey takes place on the agency's own survey platform All servers are in Germany. No personal data is collected from any survey participants.

Basic questions without additional questions
(Example industry: supermarket)

Category question:
"Which of these companies takes on the greatest responsibility for society and the environment?"
(single selection)

Selection question 1:
"How important is it to you that company X is committed to sustainability?"


Selection question 2:
"Do you feel you are sufficiently informed by company X about its sustainable commitment?"

Contact: 089/3000920