make responsibility visible.

betteract is Germany's largest consumer study on the sustainable commitment of companies.

The study measures the perception of different people across industries
Stakeholder groups on the sustainability of companies and their projects, products and services.

Is your company successfully sustainable?

For businesses to remain competitive, they must evolve with new generations of consumers.
Find out how your commitment to sustainability is well received and what constitutes consumer trust.

With the help of our individual data collection, tailor-made analyzes and strategic tools, your company can delve deep into the matter.


√ Multi-level individual query of commitment, projects, products or services
√ First database to optimize the sustainable strategy
√ Valid content for CSR communication and PR
√ Transparent award from Verbraucher:Inside for good performance



√ Standardized query of companies by industry
√ Importance of individual sectors when it comes to sustainability 
√ Brand perception
√ Individual surveys possible (e.g. to the voters of your own company)



√ Individual surveys of specific stakeholder groups
√ Different survey methods (e.g. video surveys, live dialogues)
√ Focus on topics such as transparency, expectations, authenticity, etc
√ Strategic exploration of sustainable commitment and its communication


betteract newsletter

Current figures, data and facts on the topic of sustainable commitment by companies. Monthly.