Sustainability check-up

Knowing how your own commitment is received.

With the “Sustainability CHECK UP” we focus on the perception of YOUR sustainable commitment.
As part of an individual survey, specific social and ecological projects are evaluated by at least 500 people.
Gain substantial insights into what customers want and expect.


To be examined:

> Social commitment

› Ecological commitment

› Projects/successes/USPs

› Communication/Awareness

› Expectations

› Optimization suggestions

500 people interviewed
Duration: approx. 4 weeks


› Analysis and interpretation of the results

presentation of results


Type of survey:      
Representative, randomized online survey
with main topics & survey waves

Interviewed age group:
Internet representative, from 16 years

Persons interviewed (per company):

Germany; regional survey and evaluation possible
Switzerland, Austria on request

Youngcom GmbH, Gütersloh/Munich

The survey takes place on the agency's own survey platform All servers are in Germany. No personal data is collected from any survey participants.

Posts from participating companies

Contact: 089/3000920