Take part in the survey and in our competition
and take the chance to win prizes with a total value of €1,500.

 Anyone over the age of 16 residing in Germany is eligible to participate.
After entering your age, region and gender, the voting starts.
At the end of the survey, the email address field for participation in the competition appears.
By providing the e-mail address and confirming the participation link in the e-mail that is then sent, you will be entered in the competition. All winners will be drawn at random after the survey has ended and notified personally by email.

The betteract survey has been taking place annually since 2021.
The implementing institute is Youngcom GmbH, Gütersloh. The legal process remains excluded.


We have been supporting companies in market research and communication since 1996. In the course of the current challenges, we want to be part of the sustainable movement and see sustainable innovations, activities and a strong commitment from companies as an important part of the change. 
More information about Youngcom: www.youngcom.de.