The enterprise

The EthikBank is an ethical-ecological direct bank. What sets EthikBank apart from other banks is how it handles its customers' money. That is why EthikBank only does business that meets its strict investment criteria. The heart of the EthikBank beats in its socio-ecological investment policy.
The EthikBank is free from ideological, political, religious or spiritual influences. It is there for people who take responsibility in the economy, for society or for the environment without being dogmatic. These are people who want to reconcile their personal interests with ethical principles and goals and who look ahead to the world of future generations.

Our sustainability

As an economic representative, the EthikBank sees its duty to get involved in the public discussion on climate change, to clearly express its position and to call on politicians to take action. In a comprehensive statement, we call for more action to be taken against global warming and the associated climate change and make concrete demands on politicians.

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