The enterprise

In short, Motatos sells food that saves the world that would otherwise have gone to waste.

And for the following reasons:
Misprints or incorrect packaging
seasonal products
Short or partially exceeded best before date
Throwing these products away is an incredible waste of resources. So Motatos simply saves the goods and sells them on their website with a discount of up to 80%

Our sustainability

Things we are particularly proud of:

Since we started in Germany in May 2020, we have already saved over 12 million kilograms of food from wasting with our concept.

An average order from Motatos saves around 6.6 kilos of CO2e.

SAVED by Motatos. Our own products made from rescued vegetables, chocolate & co. Thanks to SAVED, we have already been able to save over 1,000 kg of chocolate and almost 16,000 kg of vegetables.

To do this, we took a very close look at various supply chains in the food industry. From crooked harvests in the field to unwanted but tasty by-products in production, we get creative when it comes to giving food a second chance.

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