Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

betteract offers companies data-supported evaluations for the perception of their sustainable commitment. And supports you in taking the necessary measures.

betteract uses its own survey tool, the self-developed survey system and questionnaires to measure how companies and their sustainable projects, products and services are perceived in the area of sustainability - and why they are perceived that way. The perception of the sustainable commitment of the individual companies is based on both the gut feeling and the knowledge of the respondents.

We regularly conduct this as part of independent consumer surveys RESPONSIBILITY RANKING and individually the COMMITMENT EVALUATION through.

The offer a comprehensive database for CSR controlling, stakeholder dialogue and/or the start of strategic sustainability betteract ANALYZES. Important topics such as credibility and expectations are examined in detail here.

We want to support the sustainable change of companies with high-quality data and know-how. And involve consumers as a representative social stakeholder group.

With target group-oriented communication of sustainable corporate commitment, stakeholders are taken along and involved on the sustainable path. This creates an important circular relationship between companies and consumers for more transparency and authenticity when it comes to sustainability.


Based on data-driven insights, we are able to identify key gaps between how we perceive ourselves as a company and the reality of stakeholders. By mapping attitudes and behavior, betteract provides unique insights and discovers important trends. betteract answers the following questions, among others:

How are companies/brands and their sustainable commitment perceived by different stakeholders and why?

What can companies do to change and improve this perception?

What are consumer attitudes and behaviors and how are they changing over time?

What future trends and developments in the field of sustainability do companies need to be aware of?
And how do you have to react to it?

As part of the studies, we also look at consumer perceptions of what sustainability means to them and the expectations and requirements placed on companies and brands. In addition, the betteract delves into specific focus areas that are relevant across all sectors.

The selection of companies RESPONSIBILITY RANKING takes place independently by us according to relevance in your industry. Companies can optionally ask individual questions to their company's voters. The results are made available to the participating companies.

Participation to COMMITMENT EVALUATION is possible for companies individually during the survey.
Be awarded:
- Sustainable commitment
- Sustainable products
- Sustainable projects

Industries are chosen based on how common they are in consumers' lives and how important they are to the transition to a sustainable world. All participating companies will be personally informed by the betteract team.
Optionally, the participating brands can ask their voters individual questions. The detailed evaluation is available at the end of the survey.

In the following all branches are listed which are in the COMMITMENT EVALUATION can be examined. 

Banking & Financial Services

e.g. B. Banks, building societies, credit card companies, leasing companies

beauty & care

e.g. B. body care, cosmetics, wellness, hygiene

consumer electronics

e.g. B. consumer electronics, TV, audio, video, photo


e.g. B. Schools, universities, foundations, other educational institutions private or public


e.g. B. Clothing, shoes, accessories

Fast-moving consumer goods

e.g. B. Food, beverages, drugstore items

Health & Pharmaceuticals

e.g. B. Healthcare services, medical technology and medical products, pharmaceuticals


e.g. B. Insurance companies, statutory health insurance companies, insurance brokers

Interior & Living

e.g. B. furniture, home textiles, floor coverings, garden furniture


e.g. B. Games, toys, children's products, arts and craft supplies, musical instruments

Leisure & Crafts

e.g. B. Toys, arts and crafts supplies, musical instruments


e.g. B. Lighting, bulbs, lighting technology

Logistics & Infrastructure

e.g. B. Supply and energy companies, logistics service providers, cable network providers


e.g. B. Luxury items, jewelry, watches

media & entertainment

e.g. B. Media companies, publishers, news portals, newspapers, magazines, TV/digital broadcast brands, TV/radio stations

Non-Governmental Organization & Public Affairs

e.g. B. non-profit organizations, foundations, associations, city brands, regional brands, parties

Office & stationery

e.g. B. paper, office supplies, stationery

Sports & Outdoor Goods

e.g. B. Sports equipment and products, sportswear

Sports Associations & Sporting Clubs

eg associations, clubs, leagues including e-sports, championships, tournaments

Telecommunications & IT

e.g. B. Telecommunications companies, hardware and software companies, cloud solution providers, IT service providers

Tools & Gardening

e.g. B. tools, garden equipment


e.g. B. Hotels, tour operators, airlines, travel marketers

Trade fairs & event locations

e.g. B. Exhibition companies, arenas, stadiums & venues

Trade, Retail & eCommerce

e.g. B. Food retail, fashion chains, web shops, comparison portals

Transportation & Mobility

e.g. B. automobility, electromobility, mobility service providers

As part of the COMMITMENT EVALUATION the following awards will be given:

Excellent commitment - for companies
Excellent product - for products and services
Excellent project - for projects and initiatives

The award is given to all participants who have been rated by at least 500 participants and with an average score of 3.0 out of 5.0 points.

The results of the survey are partly public (e.g. betteract study), others can only be viewed by the participating companies.
The award and the profile of the company can be used by it in its own communication.

The target group of each survey are consumers aged 16 and over, representative of the Internet.
Each respondent receives a random selection of questions.
This means, on the one hand, that the questionnaire changes in the course of the survey and, on the other hand, that multiple participation is generally possible.

On the one hand, the respondents came from Youngcom's market research panel. On the other hand, consumer panels from other well-known market research companies are included.

Respondents are randomly selected from the panels mentioned above.
We use quotas to achieve a representative sample.
This also means that it is not the same respondents who take part in the surveys every year. This is important to avoid biasing the results. We also make sure that the answers come from ordinary consumers and not just from people who are knowledgeable about sustainability.

Each respondent receives a completely random selection of brands to avoid systematic errors in the study.

betteract is based on quantitative online surveys.
As part of the individual queries, each company or product is rated by 500 or 1,000 respondents.

As part of the RESPONSIBILITY RANKING, at least 500 people per category/industry are surveyed. Therefore, no minimum number of participants can be guaranteed for individual companies.

The average length of the surveys is a maximum of 5 minutes

In the surveys, we set quotas for gender, age and region.
Regional participation (zip code filter) is possible on request.

As part of the COMMITMENT EVALUATION the following topics are examined, among others:

> Awareness of the company's commitment to sustainability, the sustainable product

> Preference for sustainable USPs, successes, goals, initiatives, etc

> Assessment of sustainable commitment of the company, innovative strength of the sustainable product

> Rating of authenticity: How well do the measures match the brand

> expectations

> Future of engagement

Individual questions are possible.

The following topics, among others, are examined as part of the RESPONSIBILITY RANKING:
> Which company within an industry lives up to its sustainable responsibility the most?

> How important is the company's commitment to sustainability?

> How important is sustainability as an argument for a purchasing decision in the industry

> Individual questions from the company

Our annual evaluation shows how brands are perceived by their key stakeholders in relation to sustainability.

The tailored analytics provide further in-depth data insights and strategic tools. The insights help companies to understand how they are perceived in the area of sustainability and why they are perceived that way.
They provide support in setting goals and strategic work, as well as in external and internal communication.

The surveys are conducted in waves throughout the year.
We would be happy to send you the current schedule.

betteract started in 2021 and is investigating in the German-speaking area (DACH). Our goal is to give consumers in as many countries as possible a voice in order to create a relevant overall picture of the market for sustainable engagement.

We don't think. Instead, we see that the survey has the opposite effect. The more companies communicate about sustainability, their commitment and their innovations, the greater the interest in these topics among consumers. In addition, every participating company is understood to be transparent.
With the interest, the knowledge about the commitment of the companies also increases.
This simplifies the decision to choose a company or a product. We see this as a positive cycle.

betteract was launched in Germany in 2021 by Youngcom GmbH. betteract is independent and fully owned by Youngcom GmbH. The company is based in Germany and is privately owned by its employees.
Youngcom finances all betteract surveys for 100 %.